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Links to Related Websites


American Center of Oriental Research
(The largest archaeological research institution in Amman, Jordan)

American School of Classical Studies at Athens
(Provides research and learning in classical studies)

American Schools of Oriental Research
(Promotes education on the ancient Near Eastern world)

Associates for Biblical Research
(Shows list index for area dealing primarily with Biblical Archaeological investigation)

Biblical Archaeology Society
(Provides information on their exciting periodicals, travel, marketplace, digs, and more)

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies
(Provides links to many historic resources and Middle Eastern countries)

(An online guide to the world of Biblical Archaeology)

The Danish Society of Biblical Archaeology
(Supports the historical reliability of Scripture and Biblical Archaeological research)

The Foundation for Biblical Archaeology
(Provides information on funding and support for biblical archaeological projects, lectures, etc.)

Nautical Archaeological Society
(A forum for the exchange of relevant ideas for nautical archaeology around the world)

Scholars Press
(Lists of this publishers books many of which deal with archaeology)

Society for American Archaeology
(Lists information about the society as well as careers in archaeology)

Society of Biblical Literature
(Promotes critical investigation of Biblical and Near Eastern literature)

Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies
(Focuses on the ancient world of Greece)

Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
(Promotes education and research of ancient Rome)

NEAS Member Websites

Bible World - Ferrell Jenkins
(Provides numerous resources for Biblical Studies)

Biblical Studies WWW Page - Ferrell Jenkins
(Scholarly site for biblical studies, Bible Archaeological issues, links and more)

Dabar - Dan Dyke
(Provides resources to those interested in the Bible, Archaeology, Ancient History, etc.)

CBR - Donald McNeeley
(This is the Church and Biblical Research Group website)

Holy Lands Photo Archive - Carl Rasmussen
(Well developed site! A pictographic archive of Bible Land sites)

Dr. Leen Ritmeyer’s Blog
A blog on Biblical Archaeology

Dr. Leen Ritmeyer’s Website
A website focusing on archaeological design.

Near East Archaeology Images
Pictures of various sites around the Near East


Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)
(Provides resources and information regarding the organization and general archaeology)

Franciscan Archaeological Institute
(Provides awareness of the archaeology of Jordan, especially around the Madaba area)

Horn Archaeological Museum/Institute of Archaeology
(Coordinates archaeological field research and facilitates archaeological curriculum)

Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology - Univ. of Memphis
(Resources and exhibits on ancient Egypt)

Institute of Nautical Archaeology
(Has links to other relevant site and has information on the organization)

Oriental Institute
(Provides list index for ancient Near Eastern resources at the University of Chicago)


(An excellent digest of archaeological news.)

(Popular magazine which provides a wide variety of topics in the world of archaeology)

Journal of the American Oriental Society
(Provides information on Middle Eastern and Asian studies)

Near Eastern Archaeology
(The popular journal published by ASOR)

Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (BASOR)
(Table of contents from 1995 to the present)

Bulletin of the Asia Institute
(Art, archaeology, numismatics, history, and languages of ancient Near East)

Journal of Near Eastern Studies
(Devoted exclusively to ancient and Medieval civilizations of the Near Eastern world, this site has an index of Vols. 1-55)

Journal of Roman Archaeology

(Culture, history, personalities, arts and monuments of ancient Egypt)

Research Helps

Ancient Near East Map Series - Oriental Institute
(Site maps covering several countries of the ancient Near East)

(American Theological Library Association website with an excellent search feature)

CenturyOne Books
(Good place for finding ancient resources for your personal library)

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
(Many classic texts including a searchable 38-volume collection of the early Church writers online)

Discovery Online
(The Web site for the Discovery Channel)

Egypt and the Ancient Near East
(Web resources for young people and teachers including how to Find duplicate p45 docs)

Egyptology Resources
(Site provides many fascinating links and information on ancient Egypt)

Exploring Ancient World Cultures
(Provides a forum of ancient world cultures and issues of history)

History Channel

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
(Vast array of links for Near Eastern history and Archaeology)

National Geographic Online

Odyssey Online: The Website of the Michael C. Carlos Museum, Atlanta, GA
(Explore Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and sub-Saharan African cultures)

VKRP: The Virtual Karak Resources Project, a wealth of information from the Karak Resources Project in Central Jordan.

Search Engines

(Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives)

Internet Ancient History Resource Guide
(Has a table of contents which lists a wide variety of topics and links)

Middle East - World-Wide Web Virtual Library - Columbia University
(Site has a nice list of resources on the Web)

Near and Middle East Archaeology
(Large index of links covering a wide range of archaeological fields)

Oriental Institute Research Archives (ABZU)
(Guide to resources for the study of the Ancient Near East available on the Internet)

The Perseus Project
(A digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world)

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies
(Focuses on the early Christian writings and their social world)

Miscellanous Websites

Al Mashriq - The Levant Cultural MultiMedia Servers
(Presents cultural riches from countries of the eastern Mediterranean world)

Ancient History and Archaeology
(Provides online text documents from archaeologists and ancient writers)

Archaeology and the Near East
(Interesting information about the Near East and early explorers)

Archaeology and the Bible
(Issues to Biblical-Historical questions and Biblical Archaeology)

Athenian Agora Excavation - ASCSA
(History and photographs of the excavation that began in 1931)

Babylonian Mathematics Egyptian Mathematics
(Now two seperate sites on the technology of the ancients in theTigris-Euphrates and Nile River Valleys)

Biblical and American Archaeologist
(Presentations that confirm the historical reliability of the Bible)

Byzantium - University of Michigan Collections and Expeditions
(A look at Byzantine history through text and photographs)

The Code of Hammurabi
(An online text of the ancient law code)

Corinth Excavations - ASCSA
(The history and background of Corinth, and more)

Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit - UNC Expo
(Library of Congress exhibition of the Scrolls and their historical background)

Djoser Complex - University of Pennsylvania
(Discusses the famous Step Pyramid at Saqqara)

Dothan Publication Project
(Latest reports and a historical background of the project)

Duke Papyrus Archive - Duke University
(Electronic access to texts and images of 1, 373 papyri from ancient Egypt)

Hellenism and the Art of City Building - Rice University
(Online lecture on  the world of the "polis")

Isthmia: Ohio State University Excavations Site
(Provides information about the site, fieldwork and related projects)

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
(Discover collections and exhibitions of ancient Near Eastern history)

Judaism and Jewish Resources: Shamash, The Jewish Internet Consortium
(Devoted to Jewish information and discussion)

Pella - Australian Expedition
(Provides dig history, site background and volunteer information)

(Brief history of the ancient Persian Empire)

Petra: The Great Temple - Brown University
(History of Petra and Nabataeans, latest news, and more)

(Mark Lehner describes the history and archaeology of Egypt and the Giza Project)

Splendors of Ancient Egypt
(The Florida International Museum presents ancient Egyptian treasures)

We make every effort to keep these links working. If you find a broken link or if you would like to recommend a link for this page please send a message to